Make the Journey

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Why go to a class reunion?

The first reason to go to a class reunion is for camaraderie. 

After all we all grew up together and in a way we are an extended family of sort. We share a state of mind and a unique time gone by and stage in life called high school. Only 365 persons were in our class, only they can say they were our classmates from high school. You’d be surprised how many people would like to see you. REALLY !!!

The second reason is so that you can visit old haunts and the old hometown and see old friends and they can see you. Some people say, 
“NO, I don’t have anything in common with them any more.” 
Some people say,
I didn’t have any friends in high school…. 

Do you really believe that! To that I say, 
“You’d be surprised!”

There are many people that many of us didn’t hang with in high school. Many of us have only become friends since various Reunions in the past. 
Give us your classmates a chance! We all have had 30 plus years to blossom and get colorful----Some more than others. 


You are just fine the way you are. Who Cares what you think you look like, 
you are being too critical of yourself! None of us are spring chickens any more!

So you gained weight! Who hasn’t in our fast food culture! You are Not Alone. 
So what if you did some sort of Therapy! You are Not Alone, our era was the era of therapy and support groups. 
Perhaps some of you are recovering alcoholics; HEY we can have a meeting!!!  Perhaps you were a veteran! Hey we can wear our VFW and American Legion hats and visit the local posts!

Many of us have been parents of one sort or another. Most of us have the badges from the slings and arrows of parenthood. Bring your pictures of your kids and grand kids if you got them. This is the place to share!

Some of us have been married once, some many times, it’s a fact of life in our culture, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Perhaps you are concerned about unique Diversity issues; like bringing your colorful and wonderful significant other to this sort of event. Hey this is the 21st freaking Century; this is the age of Diversity. It isn’t a big deal so get over it and bring your sweetie. 

All of us have had challenges in our careers. Many of us are doing things we love, other things we hate; others are doing things we never dreamed of to pay the bills. Come tell us about it. Cause you never know who you might network with! 

In years past the people who seem to NOT come to the Reunion events are people who live in Corning. Think of a class reunion like a home coming days event, a time to host out of town classmates from years past and show them how Corning has changed over the years. Consider becoming a Reunion Committee person. 

Attending a high school class reunion is a Journey of heart, mind and soul as well as time and distance.

Make the Journey- It's Worth it!!

Used With Permission From Author:
Cheryl Ann Costa
EHS Class of '70