*Senior Year*



Think about your SENIOR YEAR in High School.

The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be:



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1)   Did you know your current love?

2)   What kind of car did you drive?

3)   Did you have a job? If so what was it?

4)   Where did you live?

5)   Were you in choir?

6)   Were you popular?

7)   Were you ever suspended from school?

8)   If you could would you go back?

9)   Do you still talk to your Prom Date?

10)   Did you ever skip school?

11)   Did you go to all of the football games?

12)   Favorite subject? Bookkeeping, typing, science, math, or ?

13)   Do you still have your yearbooks?

14)   Did you follow a career path?

15)   Do you still have your class ring?

16)   Are you still close to your Best Friend?

17)   Did you have a favorite teacher?

18)   Did you have a favorite singer? Who?

19)   Did you attend any High School dances? If so where?

20)   Did you play a sport? If so what?

21)   Were you in a sorority or a fraternity If so what was the name of it?

22)   Did you eat in the cafeteria?

23)   Were you in band? If so, what instrument?

24)   How old were you when you graduated?